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The need for these classes is more in these times. True, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents delivered child after child, and never was there any need for classes. However, it is important to remember that family support in earlier times was much more than it is today. There were many experienced women by our parents' and grandparents' side to guide them every step of the way. Such help is not always an option nowadays, with everyone leading busy lives.

It is thus important that pregnant women look out for themselves as she is going through major changes in her body and mind. She is getting prepared to deliver the child and to be a mother.

» The classes are a forum to help pregnant women get  information and support,

» The classes aim at allowing  the woman to understand her body changes
     • Her weight gain
     • Her body changes.
» They provide adequate time to woman, for discussions regarding pregnancy doubts & fears.

» 9 Months classes also help the pregnant woman's partner share his feelings on being a father.

» Working woman fears about
    • Work
    • Travelling
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Baby
    • Breastfeeding
» Do’s & don’ts of Pregnancy
  - Do’s
  • Eat more Green Vegetables
  • Drink 1 Litre of milk in any form
  • Sleeping Posion (Left Side)
 - Don’ts
  • Avoid Fried, Spicy & Over Sweet Food
  • Do Not Bend Down with Straight Legs
  • Do Not Wear High Heels
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