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Our methodology is based on a hands-on approach and includes interactive sessions, films, slides, lectures and support groups.
i) Garbhsanskar-
Garbha Sanskar is a process to achieve physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social development & perfection for the baby and mother.
The classes helps to
• To welcome the baby with good thoughts.
• To impart Sanskar to the fetus.
• To improve the emotional health of the parents.
• To increase the courage and confidence of mother during labor.
• To have a ?whole? baby meaning a baby that is alert, attentive, brilliant, healthy, receptive and intelligent.
ii) Exercises-
Strengthening & Stretching to relieve discomforts of pregnancy like backache, cramps, sciatica, breathlessness etc. Exercises help to reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes in pregnancy. Maintain feel good hormones in the body, thus helping to relieve – "Feeling Tired All The Time" syndrome of pregnancy. Exercises promote flexibility and enhance circulation.
iii) Development of Baby and Information on various topics related to pregnancy -
The step by step details instill the confidence in the mother to birth her baby normally and naturally. This helps the mother-to-be to stay informed about the body changes and baby development at every stage.
IV) Breathing and Relaxation for Labour -
helps the mother to cope with the labour pains. They also ensure proper oxygen supply to the mother as well as baby.
V) Breast feeding -
Benefits of breastfeeding, both to mothers as well as babies are discussed in details.
- Preparations of the breast in pregnancy are taught during this class.
- Even working mothers are given tips on breast feeding successfully.
VI) Diet and Nutrition in Pregnancy and after:
Proper Guidance regarding the diet during pregnancy, as well as during the lactation is given in this class.
VII) Sexual Relation during Pregnancy:
VIII) Fathers-to-be Session:
 They are trained to be a perfect help & support during labour,as well as are given special tips in looking  after the baby after birth. The classes will encourage communication between the partners which would help  them in their lives change with the coming of a baby. 
IX) Baby Care:
All the needs of the baby immediate as well as later are addressed in this class giving the mother a lot of confidence in handling the tiny tot. Fathers are also encouraged to attend this session helping to provide relief to a distressed mother. Special training on massage for the baby is also provided in this class.
X) Physical & Emotional support - a must for pregnancy
The program is very safe, individualized and carefully constructed to make it both a physically and emotionally fulfilling experience. It not only helps to ease the discomforts but also erases the fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth.
XI) Yoga & Meditation
1. Breathing and relaxation
2. Positions for labor
3. Mindset ? trust yourself, instincts, wisdom
4. Being in the moment
5. Intensity practice ? observe the mind and find resources in challenging Asanas
    that are strengthening if held.???
6. Open the hips and pelvis
7. Introduces possible birthing positions
8. Strengthens the spine and legs
9. Opens up the chest area in preparation for breast feeding
10. Strengthens arms in preparation for the weight of the baby
11. Improves circulation of the body
» Remember these important things in the Following way
P - Prior Knowledge
R - Remember to book early or visit your clinic regularly
E - Exercise regularly
G - Gain support from the family
N - Nutrition -eat healthy
A - Abstain from smoking and alcohol use
N - Nurture yourself
C - Coping with pregnancy disorders
Y - Your personal hygiene is important.
?9 Months? will answer your questions and reassure you that you are not alone
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