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Pregnancy is filled with a million worries - will the child be born healthy, will the labour be very painful, is the baby moving enough, is he developing properly, will the extra weight come off and many other similar worries.

9 Months Classes is one of its kinds in Central India. 9 Months fulfill high standard specialized services in healthy atmosphere. It has a group of qualified professionals. lace wigs

Ms. Pallavi Gupta CNCC
Ms. Snehal Sontakke CIG
Dr. Aditi Neema (P.T.) MPTh, CCE, MIAP
Dr. Rajshree Bhatt MBBS
Dr. Viraj Agrawal MBBS
Dr. Lata Patel MBBS, DGO
Dr. Sanjay Agrawal MBBS, DMRD, FAGE, Consulting Radiologist.
Ms. Sadhna Ganguli Skin & Hair Therapist

9 Months will answer your questions and reassure you that you are not alone.

The Purpose of 9 Months classes is that Every Women should enjoy & cherish every moment in pregnancy without any mind blockage and myths. The 9 Months classes provide information to today's women which increase her confidence levels and helps her de-stress, which in way lessens the perception of pain and helps her have a better birthing experience.

It is thus important that pregnant women look out for themselves as she is going through major changes in her body and mind. brazilian hair

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